Sunday, 25 November 2007

Submission:Table Top

Well. I really enjoyed doing this assignment - it was good to have a deadline again. As I said in my previous comments I had loads of ideas, and I have taken around 100 frames of around 5 different ideas. This was my final idea, and I was happy with this as it was mine, the other ones I'd got by looking around the web for some inspiration. Three bottles on a black ash tabletop. Took about 15 shots to get this as I was using one flash to illuminate the bottles while trying to get a reflection on the table of the bottles as well as get the specular highlight in the right place behind them. Really happy with the final shot with the exception of the cup ring on the table which I only saw once I had this picture on the screen.
Some other ideas I had are on my flickr stream.

1 comment:

Kate said...

Like the angle of this shot; nice and unusual. Alsolike the differential focus, and the fact the labels on the bottles are out of focus.

Good use of contrasting colours; and the table highlight adds extra depth to the image.

You shouldn't have mentioned the cup mark, as I didn't notice!