Sunday, 13 January 2008

Holiday Assignment

Oh well. Decided to upload these making tomorrow the deadline.
Tree Hugger 2
Here is my 'Happiness' photo. Now the observant among you may notice that I probably didn't take the photo. Lets say I was the artistic director. I used a voice operated camera and lightstand. This had the SB-24 off to camera left on 85mm. The camera was my friends K-10D. I actually wanted more of the tree, with the light fading the trunk in and out of the picture - but in the end I was happy with this one. Next time I would have directed the model to hold his hand slightly differently - because now I notice it looks weird.

Next is my 'Tree' picture. I was tempted to just use the one above, but in the end I used a slightly different picture as I wanted to use the sunset.
Tree and Sunset
Again SB-24 was camera left, approx 45 degrees. I was trying to get the sunset in and capture the colours, but needed some foreground interest. Decided not to go for the obvious silhouette shot, so lit up the tree. I was first of all intregued to how green the trunk was. This didnt look green in the available light so the only thing I can think is that there is some strange effect going on with the orange sunset and the daylight flash and the balance brought out the green. Again on my friends K10D.

Open Picture:
Aliens in the Woods.

Aliens in the Woods
My final assignment picture, taken a few minutes after the picture above. Yet again SB-24 to camera left but this time way in front of me. If you look very carefully you can see Rowan's silhouette to the side. What I love about this is the colours in the sky. I've been itching to get up to these woods in sunset for a long time, but since its been the early nights the weather hasnt been nice enough. The flash actually drowns the available light, which wasnt too dark. I also like the way the trees are partially lit - giving a sort of stone henge sort of effect.

Ok - so all of these were taken at the same night. I did take some more pictures, you can see the best of them here, but as I was so ill over the holiday these were all I could manage - but I am pleased with them.


Kate said...

He he; you obviously have a thing for trees! Love the happiness one, as you do look really happy. I wouldn't have noticed the hand if you hadn't have mentioned it, but now, I agree; it should be either fully in the image or not at all.

Tree: I like the fact this isn't your usual silhouette shot, and that the tree looks part of the sunset, rather than separate from it. The sunset looks more like a fire, and as though the tree is about to be engulfed.

Open: very alienesque! The sky is gorgeous; did you use any filters to boost up the colours, or was it naturally like that? It also looks as though you have a massive lighting rig at your disposal, rather than just a flash!

Mafiu said...

I slightly corrected the exposure on that and it bought the coulours out more. No filters though its straight out of the camera. However the pictures didnt look as bright on flickr so I used the flicker editor to correct the exposure a second time (probably putting it back to where it was before) and that bought the sky up again. By the way that was the colour of the sky that my eyes saw, and I couldnt beleive the transitions in colours. Not much time for set up on that as the sky was changeing every 30 seconds or so.