Friday, 10 June 2011

New assignment! - Self

Assignment:  Take a self portrait of yourself that you are happy to show to others!  Use studio-lights or flash if at all possible - or at least do something creative with the light.  And just pretend that a friend has asked you to take a portrait of them, so you want to give the best photo back of the subject - its just the subject this time is you.

Rules: I'm hoping for a traditional portrait shot where you will be recognisable (mostly) so no backs of heads or complete silhouettes.  But so that we can be creative if you want lets set a boundary that at least one eye must be visible in the picture.

Deadline: End of day 28 June.
New Deadline:
End of day 12 July (two weeks - to allow Aaron to celebrate 4th July without worrying! )

Kate gave me the idea for this when we were trying to find some new people to join, so lets try it.

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