Sunday, 16 December 2007


As you said, the hardest part of this was not being obvious. As the last few photos I've taken have been against black I thought I'd try something different. I only had my blue background, (other than black) so thought I'd fire a red gel against it to make a purple. I was however astounded by how red the background came out.
Next problem is I don't have any candles and rubbish matches. So I used three together, and a candle lighter.
In the end I quite liked the way the side flash had caught the smoke, so here is my offering. Did four other pictures on a similar vein, which can be seen here.
One of the problems was I couldn't get close enough to the match, so I've just ordered a macro lens and some extension tubes..

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Kate said...

Really like the smoke in this, as it draws the eye into and up the photo. The dappled red background looks really dramatic, and I like the way the lighting imitates the shape of the flame. You've just reminded me that I meant to experiment with some extension tubes to see if I could get in really close, but I forgot!