Sunday, 16 December 2007

Submission: Flame

I started off with just taking some photos of a candle flame, but found that to be okay, but a bit boring. I couldn't find the inspiration to do a still life composition, so instead wondered what would happen if I blew bubbles in front of the flame. That created some really interesting effects and gave the flame some movement, which it really needed. The bubbles didn't always work how I expected them to, which meant the results were unpredictable, but it was very messy and fun!

1 comment:

Mafiu said...

This is nice - I like the way you improved it. Cant for the life of me think how you came up with the idea or bubbles. It has a sort of through the camera lens look about it as well. I like the way it just catches the rainbow slightly on the edge of the bubbles. Well done.