Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Submission: Homage, if only..

if only..
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Here I am, my version of this picture here.

I didn't have a round table, or a lamp I could use as a light, so I ended up using a ... well that would spoil it. I was trying to go for the specific effect of the original, but put things in slightly different positions.

The hardest part of this was getting the camera to auto focus when I wasn't in the chair. In the end I thought I had the frames in the bag, packed everything away, got changed, (bearing in mind I was doing this at around 2am so I wouldn't get stared at) and moved the furniture back into position... Only then did I port the pictures back into the computer and realise I was slightly blurred... Dang.. So at this res its not too bad, and theres a lot of Photoshop twiddling to try and sharpen the image, as well as desaturated it slightly.
Quite happy with it - but this wasn't the exact one I wanted to do and like yerself this was a lot harder than I thought. Least I could get away with being a bloke in this one!

A different picture, based on an idea by McNeney, is here.

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Kate said...

I had the same focusing issue; I am thinking of getting a girl's world just for that purpose (any excuse, since I never had one as a child!) This is very Daliesque, and I have to admit gave me the creeps when I first saw it. I hadn't actually seen this one in her collection, so it was good to be see your version first. I prefer the colour of your table, as this has helped with the reflection of your hands. Also, your wedding ring is clearer on both sets of hands, so it is more obvious it is the same person with lots of arms!