Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Submission: Homage

I found this assignment a lot more difficult than I initially thought. I think it was because I found it hard copying someone's work, who obviously puts a lot of thought into the reason behind each photo. As I didn't have that same connection, I found it difficult to replicate. I decided not to copy the photo completely as I wanted it to be my own interpretation; so the hands are different, as is the angle of the photo. It was quite tricky getting a pose, which looked natural, and even this looks a bit staged. The Photoshop tweaks were minimal; just a slight adjustment of levels and then a colour cast; sepia plus a little bit of red, as that is the colour of the fabric, which I also wanted to convey. I also wanted to keep more detail in the hands; they seem a little burnt out in the original (but that could just be my screen).

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Mafiu said...

Nice. Captured it really well, if fact I remembered the picture as soon as I saw it. I was originally thinking of doing one that was based on another mary anne picture that she was wearing the same cloth in.. Obviously I was going to get Rowan to pose - but she's not as patient as me as a subject, and I couldn't find any similar cloth, so I found it amusing slightly when I saw this one.
I enjoyed doing this assignment, and am going to try and do more of her style of shooting, but maybe you need to pick the next assignment...