Sunday, 17 June 2007

Submission: Coffee

Heres my weekend offering. I had 3 shots in mind, the first I couldn't get the composition right, the second was the above, and the third one I never got around to taking.
Took me quite a while to get the lighting right on this one above, I went and bought shiny beans, but then this was about the 9th shot. Decided to go tight in. had to put way more light into this that I thought at first. The coffee was in a tupperware box, and I had a flashgun to the side which diffused nicely through the side of the box. But I had to ramp up the light to get the exposure right. As soon as I saw this shot in the preview I knew it was right, as it had way more colour than the others. Gave me a bad back though as I had to hand hold it.
Thought I better get this uploaded in case you had done a bean shot as well :p

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Kate said...

Good job you published this first, as my first images were of beans like this as well! I didn't actually realise there was a difference in the shine on beans; i just got the ones I liked as coffee! The colour on this is really good; they almost seem to have a goldish twinge.

When I did mine I wondered whether spraying water on them would add an extra dimension, but I didn't want to ruin the beans!