Sunday, 10 June 2007

Weekend Assignment: Take an action self-portrait of what you did this weekend.

Title: A girly afternoon in the sun.
This was taken on my balcony. The idea was to use a slow shutter speed (1/25) to blur the action of the hand to add some movement to the image. Ideally, i would have liked less depth of field, so that the background was more blurred, but that wasn't possible with a slow shutter speed in these bright conditions.
I had a few problems with unwanted shadows, but I liked this one , as it is broken up and has some form. I also had issues with blocking out the pringles logo, as othewise it just dominated the whole image. If you look closely, you can see the toes reflected in the table - he he!
This is really what I did on a sunny Sunday afternoon!


Mafiu said...

Well what can I say. Not sure if they are your feet though - so cant tell if its a self portrait or not :) Interesting composition, and that can be described as action. Well done.

Mafiu said...

Oh yeah - and I like the frosting on the glass...